Happy New Year to all. Here I am starting over again. I know what you are thinking, here she goes again with a brand new beginning. It’s true, I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count in the last year and a half. I am not here to speak about my past struggles and hardships, because I am ringing in the brand new year with positive vibes only. It’s a fresh new start, and I am in it to win it. No longer will I look back, I am not going that way.

I wrapped up my last two holiday charities. As I begin blogging again I am making major changes for this blog. No longer will I document my weight loss through charities. I plan to start a separate project to give back. I am starting a brand new vegan health and weight loss with fitness, and back to a mind-body connection. No longer will I be focusing on the scale as my only barometer as success. I will judge my successes by my fitness and health accomplishments and my artistic and personal goals. I will be making 2019 my best year ever, and documenting my process of changing my life on for the better on every level. This will still be a weight loss/fitness blog but so much more; a true lifestyle blog.

I am starting January off strong, and when the holidays begin next year I will be a better version of myself. I have big goals which I can share later, but I am starting off in January building the foundation for my goals. The basics, the cement that will keep my temple steady as I lean into my dreams. My first week of January begins like this.

January 1, 2019 Day one and week one.

1.After weigh in, we are doing a whole foods-plant-based grocery haul. It is a mini haul to get us started on the right path. My long-term plan is to try to only grocery shop twice a week. 

2.Which brings me into the next thing to do on my first week of 2019 to do list. We plan to really crack down on our budget, no longer will we go to the store at random times. Eating whole foods and plant-based will be better for both our health and financial budgets. I will share what we will be eating our first week in a later post. The less we spend on unhealthy vegan junk food, the more money we have for bills and debt. In 2019 I plan to tackle the ghosts of my past with zero fear. I am not saying I will never have vegan fun foods again, but my main nutrition will be whole foods-plant based with limited sodium, oil and sugar. Eating like this will help me save money and tackle past money mistakes. 

3.Daily workouts, cardio, stretching, running and yoga. It’s time to get strong again, beginning today. I have a gym in my building, and I can start doing Melissa Bender Fitness workouts and yoga. There is a little room in the gym, and I can do yoga with my phone on YouTube. Her motto is “Fitness Should Be Free.”

Free totally works for my budget. No excuses.


4.This week I plan to de-clutter my space, clear out my closet and clean our home from top to bottom. Think about it, you spend so much of your time at home, make it your sanctuary. There are some things I would like to do to improve our living space but we are starting with the basic essentials; getting rid of the chaos and stuff we no longer have a need for. Removing metaphorical trash that gets in my way. 

5.Get inspired,live with a positive mindset. Write down my dreams and goals, and start planning for my best year ever. I bought a lovely 2019 planner and I will put it to good use. I also want to research equipment for my YouTube channel which I plan to revisit in the future. Start studying my American Council of exercise book, and read ten pages a day from one of my many inspirational books I own. 

This is what my first week looks like.  As I wrap up my first blog post of 2019 I am incredibly grateful for life, living, loved ones near and far. I begin again in gratitude and grace. I choose joy and hope that anything is possible if you believe and take the time to take action.

With love and light

Happy New Year




It has been a while since I have posted. The Holidays hit both my husband James and I hard this year. The last few years were difficult due to the loss of multiple loved ones. On top of that we had some other personal struggles, which made Christmas and my Birthday  difficult. It’s a time you cannot escape the depression of missing a loved one. You can run, but on Christmas you cannot hide. We chose to just stay close to each other and our kitties and allow ourselves to feel the pain just a little. We also have been reflecting on how we can change our lives and live life to the utmost fullest. When you hit rock bottom, the only way out it up. That’s where the light is. I’m following the light.

With this relevation I have decided to start brand new( again). This time I plan to not only blog about my weight loss and fitness journey, but to blog on my journey to make my life more fulfilling. A true lifestyle blog on how to really improve your life and live your best life ever. I have never done this so I’m going to learn as I go. 2019 has 365 days to make a wrong a right, and to write about this new journey of mine. When Christmas hits next year, I’m going to be in a completely different mindset and place in my mind. I’ve been depressed for a few years, since my Mom died and the move away from California. My survivor Mom is inside of me and so is the spirit of California. I’m going to use the lessons I learned and go for it. 

I wrapped up my food drive and my toy drive, and 2018 is almost in the history books. I am grateful for so much even through the sorrow. I’m ready to take my sour lemons and turn them into sweet surprises. I do love lemonade and sharing it with anyone who needs a little extra sweetness in their life.


Thanksgiving week is upon us, and today I weighed in and lost another pound. This brings my weight loss to 12 lbs since August. I currently weigh 181 lbs and dropping. I’m so happy to be able to get healthy again despite life’s ups and downs. Working out and eating clean is really making me feel on top of the world again. I am 22 lbs away from what I was over a year ago. I’m loving the journey as well as the destination. One workout and meal at a time. Planning charities always keeps my spirit grounded. 

My co-workers and I are doing a Toy Drive for Toys for Tots and a food drive for the Houston Food Bank. I’m humbled and grateful to my “work family.” I find during times of stress giving back offers a little calm in the chaos. It puts everything into perspective to lend a helping hand to those in need. I’m working on my mind, body, and soul. There is always room for improvement. 

So much love and light. 




Happy Monday to all. I would first like to begin by expressing my sorrow regarding the California fires. I lived in Los Angeles twice and we spent our weekends in beautiful Malibu, and we also lived in San Francisco. I’m just heartbroken for the people and animals and those in the wake of the fire. California is my adopted home and my friends there are my family. 

Update on my progress in the last week. I weighed in today, and for the second week my weight stayed the same. I weigh 182 lbs. in August I was 192 lbs so I’m happy I lost ten pounds. I admit last week I didn’t focus as much as I should on a clean diet, I stayed within my calories but I ate a little more vegan junk food than I should have. I try to only eat vegan convenience food once or twice a week but I gave in and had a veggie burger or two. It’s ok, this week I will do better. I’m planning to focus on routine, fitness and nutrition this week. 

We are moving into the holiday season, and even as a vegan it’s not easy to focus and not gain weight. My goal is to be in the mid 170’s by Christmas. We are having our first vegan Thanksgiving. I’m really excited to be living my most authentic life.

Our food drive for the Houston Food Bank is in full swing, as is the toy drive for Toys for Tots; courtesy of the kind people I get the pleasure to work beside. These are my last two charities for this particular project. After these two charities I plan to continue this blog as a vegan weight loss and fitness blog, but I will no longer be doing charities with each ten pounds. I’m planning a new project to help others,  and I will be posting about that at a later date. My plans to launch this new giving project are in February 2019. My goals are to really focus on changing my health and fitness on this blog, and keep my philanthropic goals separate with my new project.

We have been through a lot the last few years, but I feel the tide is about to change. A lot of good things are happening and we may be in transition again. I’m excited about the future and all new opportunities for both of us.

Life is definitely a road trip of hills and valleys, but it’s the people you meet along the journey that matter. They are with you as you navigate the lows and highs. Drive steady my friends. We all are here for one another to take the wheel when needed. 

So much love and light and prayers for my beloved California and to my California family we are with you in heart and spirit.


As I sit here with Spanky my Siamese cat on my lap I contemplate happiness and goals. We are cooking a late night whole wheat rotini with  vegan sauce. We are listening to Christmas music and all is well in our world. Problems be damned, you still have to live and we choose to live happily ever. 

Today I weighed in and my weight stayed the same. I weigh 182 lbs. in August I was 192 lbs so I’m happy with staying the same. I pretty much got my vegan clean eating down, and I do enjoy a little vegan fun foods on my days off. I am working on my workout schedule. Today we went brisk walking near the water and it couldn’t of been lovelier. The warm breeze felt like heaven. It’s easier to be happy than to be miserable. I choose happiness. I will achieve my goals because I’m dedicated and determined. My body is my temple not my trash can. 

I am doing two charities with my co-workers and management at Red Lobster here in Houston TX. I couldn’t be more grateful to The the people I get to work beside. They are the kindest and most generous bunch and I’m beyond lucky to be there. 

We are collecting can goods for The Houston Food Bank and brand new toys for Toys for Tots. What a wonderful way to kick of the Holiday Season. I’m really so excited to be part of such a giving team. 

Spanky has decided to finally move so it’s time to have dinner with James. So much love and light to all. 💕


Happy Monday to all? Today is weigh in Monday and I lost 2 lbs, cue happy dance. That brings me to 182 lbs. I’m down 7.6 lbs. I’m keeping a journal of my meals and calories on the Loseitapp and I’m using Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen App to keep track of my vegan nutrition. I’m doing this six days a week and one day a week I allow a vegan cheat day. On that day I eat whatever vegan foods I like, but I do my best to keep my calories in check. 

Losing weight through stress or when you are in a personal crisis is not easy. For me what’s working this second try around is I’m focusing on my nutrition and my fitness. My meal plan six days a week is very clean, with very low salt, no oils and just a bit of raw sugar in my coffee. Using both apps keeps me accountable. My energy is definitely up since I started the Dr Greger Daily Dozen. My one vegan cheat day a week allows me to eat the vegan foods I love. This week I’m choosing that day to be Halloween.

Another bonus is how incredibly inexpensive this way of eating is. Lentils, tofu, split peas, canned beans no salt, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, oats, flax seeds, no salt peanuts and no salt peanut butter. It’s not always easy to tick off everybox, yesterday  I missed cruciferous vegetables; but that’s ok. I strive to each day do better. 

I am also working on some new and exciting projects, I also plan to waitress more than usual, and I’m continuing forward with this blog with the intent to post more regularly and I plan more videos in YouTube.

Dr Greger recommends exercise daily and I may start my workouts in the evening on my work days to be able to manage everything I’m working on. I bought an amazing planner from Barnes and Noble to keep everything organized.

It is all about a positive mindset. Stress gets me, and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in it; than I remember I’m a good swimmer. Right now im treading water through my struggles and my eye is on my health, fitness, strength, flexibility, and longevity. I’m proud to be a plant eater. 

Stay tuned for next post when I announce how I’m doing my small part to help others in the community I live in with the wonderful people I work with.

When you find yourself struggling, it helps to help others.




Hi everyone, just a quick update. Happy Friday to all. Ever have one of those weeks when you wake up each day completely out of sorts? It’s been that kind of week for me. Weigh in day put me up a pound, and my mood was down. Reminders of the losses we suffered are magnified as we enter Autumn and The Holiday Season. I wrote about my feelings of grief over losing our beloved Siamese Rascal on my Facebook pages if you would like to read. Have tissues handy, apparently I made some people cry. 

It’s ok, I like to say I’m like a GPS, and when things get difficult I make like a GPS and yell recalculating. That’s the thing about recalculating, you can do it over and over. The GPS does it every time you make a wrong turn. Time to get back on track, or time to just keep trying. 

My cleaner vegan diet is going great, and I will have one splurge day a week. Next week it will be on Halloween but usually it’s on my day off Monday. Getting through the Holidays and losing weight will definitely be a challenge. There’s lots of vegan fun foods out there. On work days though I eat clean, and that means whole foods, plant based, no salt, no oil, no sugar. It’s super challenging because I love vegan faux meats, but I only eat those on my day off. I try to follow Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen as much as possible. I downloaded the free app. It’s a great way to get all the nutrition you need as a vegan. 


Just because I’m going through personal issues does not mean I have ever quit chasing my goals. At the moment I’m working on several projects. I’m getting through. I’m really excited about the projects and I will be talking about those soon. 

The best way out is always through.

Robert Frost


Weight loss is up and down, the key is to keep moving forward. I’m not giving up. I’m in the second month of my brand new weight loss journey and I’m down six pounds. Today was weigh in and I gained a pound. I think it was a combination of things. I was sick and less active and I ate a little more sodium in the form of vegan faux meats. I kind of fell of my plan of eating Whole Foods plant based five days out of the week and only having vegan cheats on my days off. It’s ok, I’m making like a gps and recalculating. Brand new week, brand new beginnings. 

I made tofu scramble this week and it was such a hit. I was inspired by a frozen tofu scramble by Amy’s. I love Amy’s but I figured I could make mine with less sodium. My recipe is super easy. You can add more salt to taste but for me this is a healthy and speedy meal I can eat anytime. I hope you like it. The tumeric gives it the egg like color and a dose of extra health benefits. I like to serve my food on pretty plates. Break out the good china. You are special, those dishes don’t need to be only used on special occasions. You are alive, that’s one big special occasion. 

Tofu Scramble 

1 bag Trader Joe’s Shredded Hash Browns

1 block firm tofu

1 onion chopped

1 bag spinach

two tablespoons olive oil

salt, pepper, garlic powder, seasoning salt, turmeric

Cook shredded hash browns and set aside.

Saute’ onion and spinach until onion is cooked through, add crumbled tofu and season to taste. Add two tablespoons tumeric and mix thoroughly.

Add shredded hash browns to tofu mixture and season to taste.

Great with Ezekiel toast and vegan bacon on cheat days. It’s a game changer for me.





Weigh in #3

Today was weigh in #3 and I lost 2 more lbs. That brings me to 5 lbs lost since I restarted my journey officially 3 weeks ago. My weight is currently 184 lbs and my starting weight was 189 lbs. 

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel My Change For a Ten Rose Bruno Bailey. Please subscribe and follow my journey. 

I’m losing weight despite life’s challenges and I will be sharing how I’m doing it. I’m on week #3 and I’m very dedicated, motivated and inspired. 

I’m doing everything in gratitude and with the belief that nothing can stop me but me. 

Love and light





Hi everyone. Happy Monday. Today is my weigh in day and I’m happy to say I lost 3.6 lbs my first week. I kept my food journal updated each day on the Loseitapp. I usually keep my calories less than 1,400 and I’m really trying to be aware of the value of nutrition in the food I eat. I plan to weigh in on Monday from now on.

Stress is a huge part of my life now. Life decisions for us to make is causing a lot of havoc in our home. Should we move or not. Sometimes making decisions can really stress you out when you just can’t decide  the right path to take. 

I am happy to announce that stress did not get in the way of my weekly goals. Week one was a success and today begins week two. My weigh in loss was higher than expected, but that’s probably water weight. I posted on my YouTube channel the weight loss weigh in update. I’m still incredibly awkward and vlogging without equipment but that’s ok. No excuses. Excuses be damned. 

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel and most current video. Please subscribe and send me some love, likes and comments. I’m really enthusiastic about my second round of my weight loss journey. No more looking back at previous successes and failures. I’m living in the now. Today is a good day.

Much love and light.