Rose Bruno Bailey Fitness Ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness

What it means to me to be a fitness ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness

I began my project to sponsor a charity with each ten pounds back in 2013, and I am proud to say I have lost 50 pounds. I had the help of an amazing trainer in LA named Mike, and he gave me the keys to fitness and opened so many doors for me. At present, I am far from done — yet I still consider myself to be a success, or, well, a success in progress. Not quite an after, but so much better than before.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” — Lewis Carroll

Rose Bruno Bailey Weight Loss

Now I find myself navigating a new city, and making my goals happen here in the San Francisco area. Melissa Bender Fitness asked me to be her first fitness ambassador and of course I said yes. She is such an inspiration and has guided so many people with her amazing workouts online. She has shown it can be done at home and has been very successful helping others reach their goals. She is a nurturing human being, and to me that is a prerequisite to helping people learn fitness; and she is a perfect fit for me as I continue to blog about the weight loss/fitness/philanthropic journey I am on.

Here is what it means to me to be a fitness ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness.

1. It means I am dedicated, but I am not perfect. I have come a long way already when Melissa asked me to represent her as her fitness ambassador. I have lost 50 lbs and did it while helping charities with each ten pound weight loss. I now do her workouts daily, and I have recently begun AM workouts. I run/walk and I do yoga. I am a former dancer and I have always been in tune with my body; I was just on a little hiatus. If I stumble I catch myself before I fall. It does not mean I have a perfect body, but I am striving to be in the best shape for me. I still have a ways to go and my goal is to lose 35 more pounds. Melissa Bender Fitness home workouts are a lifeline for me and my new schedule in my new city.

2. It does not mean I have the best workout clothes and shoes. To be honest I own one pair of running shoes, but those shoes lace up and get me to where I need to go. One is enough for me for now.  As long as I have my music, my computer, and my sunny outlook I am raring to go. I have never even tried on a pair of Lululemon. I am sure they are amazing, but I am yet to find out. One day maybe.

3. It means even though I have injuries, I keep moving forward. Maybe this is not the right way, and maybe my progress has been slowed a little with my injured toe, but I have never stopped nor will I ever give up.

4. It means I practice what I preach. I really eat clean and I drink a lot of water, and strive to treat my body as my temple. Melissa Bender Fitness reminds me to eat more, in that regard I struggle. When I eat out I make healthy choices that do not derail my lifestyle. That is the key, this is my lifestyle and not a fad diet.  I believe fitness includes achieving a mind and body connection. I call outdoor exercise mobile meditation. Helping others through my charities gives me so much more back then I give. I blog about the ways I believe one can find calm within the chaos. I am all about the mind/body/spirit connection.

5. I do not play the comparison game. I am in competition with the me from yesterday and that is it. My weight loss may be slow because I am not as young as I once was, so I have learned to practice the two Ps, namely Perseverance and Patience. Time passes anyway, and I soon will get to where I am heading. I am in no rush nor will I succumb to the pressure of a time limit. This is for life.

6. I try to silence my inner dialogue of body bashing. I also have decided not to be a slave to the scale, and not obsess as much as I used to. This is probably the hardest accomplishment and I still struggle with self-shaming. We can be our biggest fans or our worse enemies. I strive to be my biggest fan but I am human.

7. I  try new things and I live ageless, fearless, and full of enthusiasm for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I shared Melissa Bender Fitness workouts before and I do now, because I believe everyone can benefit from her help. I am sincere and I am one of her biggest fans.

8. I have a fitness bucket list I am working on, and it may take time but I will make my dreams a reality. As long as I am breathing I have the opportunity to begin anew.

9. I do the exercises and modify those I cannot do due to injuries. For example, I have an injured toe so plank jumps are difficult so I just do a normal plank. I have a very strong core and I once planked in LA for over five minutes, and I beat my trainer Mike once. I know my weaknesses and I work on them. I may not be able to master every exercise, but I always try my best.

In essence I am the best me possible, and even though I may trip from time to time, I stand up and dust of the dirt and keep moving in the direction of my destination and I enjoy the ride.

A body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest. That is Newton’s Law. Keep it moving.

Love and Light

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