Nature feeds your soul, and this tree was on my bucket list for California. It is the largest Fig Tree in the USA. The beauty and size were unparalleled. I had goosebumps, the same type of goosebumps I had when I saw the ocean for the first time.

You are not supposed to jump the barrier but I did, I had to take photos with my tree. Look how massive it is. 

The Pillars of Wisdom

The trees of life
Inspire to stand tall,
Grow old with grace;
Offer uplifted palms 
To those in need
Of shelter and shade
From the erratic
Elements of earth.
The trees of life
Teach patience;
Tolerance of strangers,
Fighting against prejudices.
All are welcome under
Their emerald canopies,
Be it animal
Bird or human.
The trees of life
Nurture passion,
Opening to all who
Weather their storms.
Embracing the breeze
And the warmth from
The mesmerizing kiss
Of the scorch of the sun.
The trees of life
Show beauty is timeless,
Greenery does not fade
As does fleeting years of youth.
Faith in mother nature,
Every winter is followed
By blossoming months
Of an expectant spring.
The trees of life
Our ancient mentors,
Surviving mortality;
Reaching for the heavens.
I am a mere pupil
Hair swaying in the wind,
Never taking for granted
The life of trees.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

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