Good Morning to all on this overcast Monday here in Los Angeles. The next two days may be a bit cooler than usual. I am sleepy today, but no worries I brewed some delicious coffee and I should be on my way in a few hours. Tonight I am heading to yoga, I am going to try to sneak in some running before if I have time. I found this photo on pinterest, and I love it so I thought I would share. 

This week I am going to try to run more than I have to date. Tomorrow is weigh in and I have been on a little plateau and I need to break that pattern. Mike and I have discussed it and I am sure I will get over this little hiccup in my weight loss. 

Mike and I are teaming up for my 20 pound weight loss milestone and charity. I will write about it later this week. I am pretty excited about my idea, it is clever if I do say so myself.

Off for now. Short and sweet this morning. Time to get moving and greet the day head on. 
Wishing you a beautiful start to your week.

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