My Mother Shirley in the black with a friend and my older sister Dona

Me and Mom at my wedding on April 7, 2001. I took a photo pic of the original photo so this is blurry.

Happy Birthday to my dearest Mother Shirley Bruno. No one in my life has taught me to be a survivor as she has. She is still a spitfire of a woman and does not let anyone get her down. My Mother was never heavy until she got older. She was a smoker and had to quit when she had triple bypass surgery. She got through with flying colors but had gained a lot of weight. In the last few years she had both knees replaced and cannot exercise too much. Last summer she decided that her weight gain had gone too far, she started counting her Weight Watchers points and since that moment has lost a whopping 41 lbs without exercise. She is ahead of me in my weight loss and I exercise all of the time. I am so proud of her, and I am trying to catch up.

Happy Birthday Mom. Today I celebrate you, your weight loss success, and your inspiration. You are the epitome’ of what a survivor is, and at 78 you keep at it. I am very proud of you and honored to be your daughter.

My Mom at 16 in the black bathing suit with a friends Mother.

Photo booth pic of me at 19, I am her look a like

Happy Birthday Mom

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