Good Morning to all on this beautiful Saturday. I woke up a bit early to do some reading, and I went to bed at 3 am like I used to always do back in NYC. Now having  some needed coffee and writing a quick blog post in before heading out the door. 

I love to read, and I love to collect books, especially at thrift stores and used book stores. Books are treasures to me, and when I am in a book store I feel like a kid in a candy store. I remember my best friend Melissa Bender and I would always go to Half Price books in Pittsburgh PA and find the best loot. I often go here in West Hollywood to the local thrift stores and I always find the best books. I could walk out, spend less than ten dollars and feel like I won a million.

Melissa reminded me that people may want to donate books for Reading to Kids from afar.  My first intention was not to ask for books on this blog for my book drive, but it is for a good cause so if anyone would like to mail a book for children K-5th grade I would be very grateful. So she nudged me to include all the info in case anyone would like to mail books for kids, so here it is all the info from Reading To Kids non profit organization and Charlie Orchard the Managing Director. I am grateful to him and everyone at Reading to Kids for the support. Reading to the children was such a lovely experience.


“We very happily accept donations of books for Kindergarten through 5th graders, so long as the books are new (or in such great shape that they can pass as new).  We only give new books to the kids so they can feel a sense of pride and ownership in the books they earn by attending our reading clubs.

As long as the books are new (or can pass as new), anyone can send them to our address in my email signature. 
When people box up the books to mail them to us, we’d also like them to fill out the attached “In-Kind Donation Form.doc” form and include it with the books.  In this way we can track our book donors and I can mail to them a thank you letter / charitable giving receipt.”

Reading to Kids 
1600 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, California 90025
Phone: (310) 479-7455
Fax: (310) 479-7435 
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