Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars.

A year ago when I first worked out with my co-worker Mike turned trainer and friend, he told me to crawl in the dirt. Never one to like getting dirty, I thought to myself he may be a little crazy and I may be even crazier for contemplating doing it. If you ask anyone who knows me, I have always been on the girly side and I avoided getting dirty at all costs. My sister Dona still claims I brought a curling iron camping. That was me at 16.  Last year I was was a bona fide east coaster from NYC lost in a California world.

So in 2013 I crawled in the dirt, did these exercises called burpees in the dirt, and I lived to tell the tale. I admitted afterwards I felt liberated and like a little kid again. Over the course of the last year I have become very accustomed to working out in the dirt, and getting dirty is nothing to me now. I do my burpees, stand up, dust myself off and keep moving on. I do feel like a little kid. I find getting dirty grounds you. I feel closer to the earth and one with nature.

Today was my workout with Mike, and he brought his adorable dog Apollo to our workout, and I admit it was a lovely distraction. I have always loved animals, James and I have cats because it is lower maintenance but we adore dogs as well. Apollo was so sweet and just wanted to frolic with the other dogs. There is this big St Bernard named Floppy that I am a little in love with. Apollo and Floppy became fast friends.

We did a lot of upper body, and worked on my proper squat form. Mike is not letting me get off so easy anymore, and it is time I stepped up the pace. Afterwards we do stretches, and Mike uses a tennis ball to get the kinks out of my back and arms. This time it was a tennis ball christened with dog slobber courtesy of Apollo. We laughed how funny it was, a year later with a drooled on tennis ball massaging my arms. Afterwards, Apollo decided to kick dirt all on me and the mat, and I am now officially an outdoor girl. We took photos of the doggy debacle. One thing I found to be ironic, Mike has been telling me not to be afraid of dirt for one year now, but he had to pick the grass out of my hair. It was in some odd way out of character for him. Me, on the other hand I was like what the hell it is only grass. Chill out dude. Grass is everywhere in California. 🙂

I am signing up to do the Spartan Mud Race in December. I am going into my 48th year not afraid to get dirty nor do I care what people think of me. Dirt is very liberating indeed.

Apollo is simply adorable

My Trainer Mike trying to train with his dog Apollo by his side

No argument from me, I adore all creatures of the universe

Mike and Apollo wrestling

What a cutie,  adopt a rescue cat or dog.

Apollo kicked dirt on me and sat on me,and I did not mind one bit

Dirt, and yes that drooled on tennis ball massaged my back and arms

Haha, I have come a long way from city life in NYC. I am now officially grounded and one with nature.

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