Cheat days, how does your mind and body react to having a weekly cheat day? My hubby James thinks I’m weird about food. After a delicious meal most people will say they feel satiated and satisfied. I just feel disgust and guilt, especially if I happened to overeat. It happens now and then, and it just doesn’t make me feel good. I decided to go at it alone without the WW app to save money, and I don’t think that was a good idea. In the next week or so I’m reinstating my account. It keeps me sane by tracking. I’ve come this far, I’m down 23 lbs since one year ago and 13 since using the ww app. It’s a tool I think I need, for my sanities sake.

I don’t think I will ever be normal when it comes to food but I will say this, going vegan is the best thing I’ve ever done. Even with the haunting of past eating disorders at least I know I’m eating with compassion and kindness. The rest I will figure out as I continue on this journey of mine. One thing I do know, vegan cheesecake is ok, pasta is not. It’s a diet and eating disorder fiasco. No more pasta for me. Pasta is my trigger food, so I plan to avoid it for the time being. But the cheesecake is worth the calories, counted in portion control of course. Do you have foods that detail your willpower?

Love and Light to all. Rose 

Starting weight 193

Current Weight 170

mini goal 160’s

First goal 159

Goal Weight 135-140

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