Best Foot Forward

I am on day nine of my workouts that I am doing since I became a fitness ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness.I am doing the 12 weeks of bikini competition workouts and feeling great.

I ran to the running store yesterday, since I do have my share of challenges as I progress. I have a foot/toe injury and I feel so much better when I have inserts from a running store. It takes the pressure of the front of my foot and it really makes a difference how my feet feel all day. I am now putting my best foot forward and chasing after my goals pain free.
My diet is on track and you can find my food journal on my facebook page.
When I work I usually eat the same things in the am and afternoon, to make it easier to plan.
Week two is underway, and I am so happy to be back in the swing of things. I had two months off from the move and it really depressed me, I need those endorphins.
I am looking into doing a raffle for my next charity, and raffling off something exciting. The photo on this post holds a hint of what I will be raffling off. I have not been on the scale in a while, since I have been focusing on my fitness and clean eating and trying not to obsess. I will do another weigh in soon and I am purchasing a new scale tonight since mine broke in my move.
Off for my day, I admit I am a little sleepy this morning, it is that darn San Francisco fog. Much different then the LA sun I am used to.
Happy Transformation Tuesday to allplaystation

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