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Melissa from BenderFitness completed  a half marathon with her husband Jesse. I am so proud of them both and wish them congrats on the amazing accomplishment of running in The Pittsburgh Marathon.Such inspiration.

I am beginning a more specialized running format. I still need to get a fitbit or pedometer and new running shoes but for now I am just going by time and what I know the distance to be. Melissa @BenderFitness composed this schedule for me. I have already been running three times per week but starting on May 11th 2015 I am going to document my training starting with this training schedule below. I hope to eventually run in a half marathon. I am meeting one of my new running friends for coffee and inspiration soon. I am not competing with anyone but me, building my base.

If you have not guessed it already, my first fitness goal will have everything to do with running. I will be writing about the specifics of what I plan to do in a future post when I compose my top ten list of goals to accomplish. Why do I run?  I run because I never thought I could run without stopping or walking. Now I am hooked on my runner’s high.
Here is my running training schedule from Melissa Bender Fitness


Run 3X Per Week for 2 Weeks

Goal: Run 3.1 Miles or 30 Minutes continuously at a comfortable pace.

Types of Runs:

1. Slow Easy Run: Run Continuously without Walking. Don’t worry about pace.


Run 3-4X Per Week for 4 Weeks

Goal: Improve consistency and pacing.

Types of Runs:

1. Two to three Easy paced runs at a comfortable pace: 3.1 miles or 30 minutes.

2. One to two runs at a slightly faster pace. Moderate Pace: You should be pushing and breathing heavier, but able to talk if needed. Use a stopwatch, phone running app or GPS watch during runs. Complete the same run you do on your Easy days, but focus on doing it a little bit faster. Don’t go to fast, you still want to complete the run without stopping to walk.


Run 3-5X Per Week

Goal: Improve Speed, Consistency and Endurance.

1. Two to three Easy paced runs at a comfortable pace: 3.1 miles or 30 minutes.

2. One Moderate Pace Run per Week.

3. One to Two Speed Workouts. Select 1-2 of the workouts below and incorporate them into your week).

  • 5 Minutes Easy/5 Minutes Hard:

-5 Minute Warm-up, Run 5 Minutes at Easy Training Pace, Transition into 5 Minutes Hard (Faster than your Moderate Training Pace), 5 Minutes Easy, Complete with 5 Minute Cool Down. Total Workout Time: 25 Minutes.

  • In-Run Sprints:

During your run incorporate 20-Seconds Hard Sprinting followed by 40 seconds at normal running pace. Repeat this 4-6 times during a normal 30-minute run. Start the sprints at the 10 or 15 minute running mark.

  • Run 25-30 Minutes at your normal pace. Complete the run with four to six 20-second sprints. In between sprints walk back to your starting point.
I am going to be doing the Bikini Prep workouts at least 3 times a week with some yoga a few times a week. I am going to be keeping a journal of my progress. I am on day two.
I looked down and saw a ladybug. A sign of good things to come. What are you doing to make your dreams a reality? Does it help to have a good support system?

​Get it!!