Daily Archives: May 7, 2015

A new direction for my blog (somewhat)

I have been under the weather, but back to the grind soon. I am taking my blog and charities away from the scale for now. After losing 50 lbs I have been stuck, and it is time to move away from staring at the numbers and instead make my dreams come true.  I plan to focus on my fitness goals/fitness milestones and do one charity every time I accomplish my goals. Making a list of ten, since this is my change for a ten. When I accomplish my first list of ten, I will write another new list. My plan is to change my life, and make changes to help others along my journey. Time to step it up.

Eventually I would love to challenge others to do the same in their own communities, whether you want to do as I did, and sponsor a charity with  each ten pound weight loss or help charities with each goal you accomplish. I feel doing this helps yourself as you help others, and it is the best type of rewarding feeling you can get from your accomplishments. A total win win.

Take the E out of Ego and just Go!! Go after your dreams, go help those who need it most, just go. Go get it!!!

I am working on my first list of ten. I have come up with the first two items on my list and I will post about them in a future post. Meanwhile I am on the mend here, but still utterly inspired to shoot for the moon and the stars. I feel like this project/blog is getting a brand new beginning.

My first charity on my list of ten is Project Cuddle. I wrote about them when I began this project in 2013 but I never was able to bring my goal for them to fruition. Now is the perfect time.

Here is the link to what I wrote about project cuddle back in 2013. My plan was to have a baby shower and donate all of the gifts, I never had the space. I realized I have the perfect space for a party for the babies. I contacted Project Cuddle and I have received their blessing. I will be posting what fitness milestone I plan to accomplish before I have my baby shower for Project Cuddle.

Love and light to all. Stay inspired.