Daily Archives: December 3, 2014


Good Morning, love and light to all. Yesterday’s post was a raw emotional one for me, sharing my ¬†new reality as I navigate myself here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I too, have bad days but those bad days for me are a sincere call for change. I do not like my job. The people are lovely and welcoming and it is a means to an end, but it is not for me. Too many long hours and six days has made it difficult for me to transition my healthy lifestyle I built in Los Angeles.

Ok, so I recognize a need for change and I have only been here a month. I will start with January. In the New Year I am going to state I need two days off a week. Then my plan is to either look for a job closer to home to work, or continue on there for a little while. Waiting tables is money for me, not a career.

The full plan is to free up my time a little so I can restart My Changeforaten, my fitness milestones, weight loss and charities, and  eventually get certified in fitness as well as yoga. The long term plan is to work in fitness and leave waiting tables for good. I started waiting tables when I went to college for Theater, and it stuck because of the fast cash and flexibility. With time, it has worn on me and the nights and weekends no longer fit with the new life I have built since I started this project in Los Angeles. My plan is to work in fitness, work on this project, and be able to have time for my poetry and artistic endeavors.

That is the plan. In the meantime I will survive this month, this transition and try to find some calm within the chaos. Much love and light to all.