Daily Archives: March 10, 2014


I am in love with this tree

When I woke up today it was still a bit dark, and that made me feel groggier than usual. It is day 10 of the Melissa Bender Fitness 30 day challenge to exercise every day of the month, and I have done so each and every day. I think I can shake off this sleepiness and tackle my work and workout today. I am remembering to eat more, and I believe this will all help me attain my goals.

Yesterday I walked four miles, and I did yoga and worked on my hip openers and quad stretches. I also worked on my push ups. My husband James commented how dedicated I have been for these last nine months, and how impressed he is.  I can now do Dancer’s Pose but I need a lot of work with it, but I can do it. This summer I am going to commemorate my journey with my wonderful friend Xiomara who happens to be a talented photographer, we are going to take yoga photos all around Los Angeles. I am not ready for this yet, but it is on my bucket list.

Happy Monday to all

I wrote this on a winter day in NYC waiting for the train, back in 2009.
Wishing you love and light that warms all of your seasons


It’s another monotonous morning,

birds are chirping, but spring

has hardly paid a call or visit.

I drink my hot coffee, gripping

the cup like it holds liquid gold.

Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;

a rat races inside my head.

I am emotionally, physically

drained from running mundane

marathons to empty destinations.

I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss

that would bring summer

to my wintry body and soul.

Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;

and long for lips that scald,

daydreaming of a moment

that could warm all of my seasons. 

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey