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Good Morning and Happy Weekend to all. I am up early with the kitties drinking some needed coffee. I have a million things to do before we head to La Jolla CA, plus I needed to weigh in. I decided last week to focus on my fitness and not the scale, but that does not mean I do not get excited when I lose. I lost 3 pounds. I am at my lowest today, 172 pounds. I am almost in the 160’s, that is so amazing to me and I am so proud of myself and grateful I have such a support network.

I am having a splurge this evening or tomorrow. One meal splurge and that is it. I feel I am at a point when I can indulge just a bit and get right back on the bicycle. I am going walk as much as possible when I am away, and I am splurging for just one meal. I will also continue my burpee challenge, and do those in the hotel room as well as my stretching. I am also so excited I get to see one of my amazing friends Tracy Gittens. She owns a yoga studio in San Diego and she is one of my inspirations as well as a dear friend.

I need to work on fueling my body more, and planning and carrying snacks with me since I am on the go. In a few weeks my trainer Mike and I are going to video tape me doing burpees, they are not the best but I have improved considerably. Practice, practice, practice, and practice some more.

Off for the day, I am so happy with my results. I will take lots of photos while I am away.
Happy Weekend,
Love and Light to all


The three layer cake for Valentine’s Day
Cookies and Red Velvet Mini Indulgences from Seasons 52
Sweets for the sweet residents at Alexandria House

Mini Indulgences from Seasons 52

Spreading Valentine’s Cheer

Janet number one posing with a mini indulgence, she and Janet 2 as they call each other cooked an amazing dinner for everyone.

The cake was a hit, I was good and did not have any.

Clean up time is all about family teamwork

Good evening to all on this Thursday evening. Last night my friend and co-worker Meagan and I delivered sweets for Valentine’s Day to Alexandria house, a transitional home for women and children in Los Angeles CA.  We stayed for dinner and spent time with the ladies who run the house and the families who live there. It was lovely experience and I am happy I was able to make time to visit. Before dinner everyone gathers and holds hands in prayer and then everyone introduces themselves. Afterwards the children sit at the table and the Mother’s serve them dinner, then everyone else eats. It is a beautiful craftsman home, who amazing woodwork and a beautiful fireplace. It feels like home, and it reminds me of my own childhood home. It is a special place full of hope, happiness and love, a magical place.

We brought a three layer cake, cookies and Seasons 52 donated their award winning mini indulgences, I am so grateful to them for their support and generosity. Dinner was homemade enchiladas, salad, corn bread and kool-aid. I have to admit I was so excited for the kool-aid, one of my favorite childhood indulgences. It was a great experience to stay for dinner, and we also stayed to help clean and chat with the ladies who live at Alexandria House. I truly am humbled to be able to visit and give a little of myself, after all this is their home. I plan on returning in the near future. I am brainstorming, maybe a book drive for the kids who live there and for all of the other children Alexandria House helps. A big thanks to Meagan for joining me on my quest to give back a little.

Tonight was my workout with my trainer Mike at the park. I was rushed for time today and I did not eat enough so my energy was a little lacking but I kept up pretty well. We are really upping the intensity and I am so happy about that. I am really getting stronger and improving. I am only on my way up, I will not slow down or stop. I may struggle but I will not falter. I am determined and enjoying every minute of movement. Tonight I am doing my 25 burpees, I challenged myself to do 25 extra burpees a day along with everything else I am doing.

This weekend I am getting away, woo hoo. James and I are going to La Jolla CA and we are staying right on the water. I am so stoked to use an old California term. I love weekends away, California is the perfect place to get away on little adventures and explore. 

Off for now, I need to eat a salad and then do my burpees and stretching before bed. Wishing you a beautiful evening and sweet dreams.


Meagan and I at Seasons 52, on the way to deliver toys to Alexandria House December 23. We are returning tonight with Valentine’s Day sweets and to join our new friends for dinner. 

Good Morning to all on this beautiful Wednesday on the west coast. I feel for everyone else in the country who is dealing with frigid weather. I woke up to a stunning sunrise over the trees beyond my kitchen window. I love the sunrises and sunsets of Southern California, they have hues of magenta, indigo, purple, and gold. Makes me happy to be alive. Last night at the park the sunset was equally mesmerizing, it is enough to make me never want to move from this place ever.

Yesterday was my workout with my trainer Mike at the park. I am really now stepping up my hard work. I told him yesterday the last seven months were just a warm up for me, now the real work begins. We jogged, did the TRX, did stairs with free weights, and some other exercises that are new to me. We did this thing with ropes, you snap the ropes and drop in a semi burpee and jump back up and snap the ropes again. Yea, I was sore hours later, not a day but hours. I know I am working hard when the soreness comes on so soon. My flexibility is really starting to come along. 

After my workout, I had a quick bite and a hello to my hubby James and I went for a walk to the local grocery store to buy sweets for my visit to Alexandria House tonight to share some Valentine’s Day cheer. I thought I would have time to bake, but instead I bought a beautiful three layer cake and some Valentine’s Day cupcakes. Monica, Chef Jessica, Chef Roni, Chef Lee, Ishbak, Laura, Shane;  my management staff of Seasons 52 in Century City are donating their mini indulgences for our visit. Meagan my friend and co-worker is coming with me, and we are staying for dinner. Should be a lovely visit and evening with our new friends.  I really look forward to it. I have decided to do little things of service to the community as I wait, (no pun intended), for my next ten pound weight loss. 

Off for now, I must do some morning stretches before getting ready for my day. Tonight after my visit to Alexandria House I will do my 25 burpees and get on the treadmill for a bit. It will be a hectic day but I can do all of that later when I get home in the early evening. Yesterday I called an Uber Car to take me home from the grocery store since I could not walk with the cake, we love Uber. I told my driver all about my project and he was inspired and in return inspired me. I am so blessed  to be able to do all I am doing, these last seven months have been amazing and I look forward to the next seven months. I have changed so much, and I am very proud of that. I have met the most amazing people along the way, and I am moved beyond belief. Life is so precious, every moment and person a gift. I am incredibly grateful to all who have graced my life.

Love and Light,


Spanky and Rascal, this is what I wake up to. Precious kitties are finally sleeping together.

Good Morning to all, and Happy Tuesday. I am up and raring to go, even though my adorable Siamese kitties hate when we leave. I am so happy to see them sleeping together for the first time since we adopted Spanky last April. This made me so happy, it is the little things. Well, that and morning coffee. On that note I have decided to only have one cup a day, I am watching my caffeine from here on out.

This week I am focusing on my fitness even more, and less on the scale. I am still weighing in every Saturday and I am not doing anything different except not stressing about the scale. I am stepping up all of my workouts, focusing on becoming stronger and improving in my movements, exercises, flexibility and lastly but not least health. I am a Sagitarrius, the centaur and my bow and arrow is focused directly on my prize. What I want, I set my sights to.

I did my cardio exercise yesterday, I walked outside because the Santa Ana Winds created this amazing warm breeze and I had to be a part of it. Nothing like working out with a warm wind wafting through my hair. I believe exercise in the outdoors feeds all of your senses. I love the gym and classes too, but there is a unique feeling you get while exercising outside, an alive feeling as you improve your fitness and practice mobile meditation being one with nature.

I did my 25 burpees. Today is the second day of my 25 burpee a day challenge. It was not an easy feat to do those yesterday, and I admit my form needs work but I am practicing. Everything of value is worth the work. Tonight I am working out with my trainer Mike at the park, and I will do my 25 burpees when I get home after my workouts. I am also focusing on my yoga and flexibility, and getting my quads to open up.

Off for the day, the kitties would like me to play hookie and I wish I could, they are the best distraction. Happy Tuesday and remember to focus and never give up.

Love and Light, Namaste’


Good Evening to all. In honor of the Olympics I have decided to really turn up the volume on my workouts. I do still somewhat struggle with Burpees, so I have decided to sneak in 25 Burpees a day, in addition to my regular workouts and not including when I do them with my trainer Mike. This will help me improve, practice makes perfect. Plus I need more work on my pushups. I am starting this challenge tomorrow, no matter what my workouts are I will add 25 burpees a day. 
Tonight I got my cardio in outside, the weather was in the 60’s and so lovely.

Off to do some stretching before bed. Namaste, Love and light and goodnight.


Good Saturday Morning to all. I am up early for a weekend, having a light breakfast before getting my cardio in this morning. I am either going to head outdoors and run/walk or head on the treadmill depending on how cool it is when I step outside. I just weighed in, and I lost a half a pound but I am still in the same weight range. It was that time this month, and I admit I ate more sodium than usual and skipped a meal here and there. 

This week I will feed my body the nutrition it needs to get in my five-six days of movement. I have decided to concentrate more on the exercise effort and try not to be such a slave to the scale. I am 175 exactly, and it can be frustrating to have such a slow weigh loss but I know that is ok. Slow is better than not at all, and 175 looks much better to me than 207. This week I will focus on nutrition for fueling my workouts, and strength, flexibility and stamina. I have just challenged myself and I accept and I am raring to go. 

This week was the 30 year anniversary of the death of Karen Carpenter, who passed away from cardiac arrest due to her years of  battling Anorexia Nervosa.  I did not know that earlier this week when I started feeling like I wanted to listen to her melancholy tunes, her haunting melodies are like no other. She had a voice that was one in a million. That made me do a little research about her. When she passed in 1983 little was known about eating disorders. She had suffered from Anorexia for years, and when you see her in photos and live television appearances it is shocking how frail she appears. Now much more is known about the two eating disorders, and sadly her death brought awareness to the diseases. 

When I started dancing at 13, an adult director told me to lose 30 lbs, and that began years of strange dieting and deprivation of food. Ironically enough I began my issues around the same time Karen Carpenter passed away, but I had no idea and that was not what started my battle.

I just wanted to be thin, not realizing I already was thin. I fought my own body type. I am built like Italian women often are, I have curves in my chest and bottom but when I was younger I did not. I did not have breasts, and I thought that was how dancers looked and I continued on with my diligent dieting. Once I starved for four days and took a box of laxatives, I must have been about twenty at the time. When I was 18 a doctor told my Mother I was heading down the dark path of Anorexia, but my weight seemed normal to her for my age and height so it was never addressed. People did not know then what they do now. Now eating disorders are treated similar to problems with addiction. I knew a bulimic girl who attended a 12 step program to help fight her battle.

Here are some younger photos of myself. Note I fought to be in this weight range, my lowest was 100 pounds. I have learned my lessons and now I nurture my temple.

early 20’s

Sister Dona on my left with a friend. I think  was 19, I am totally flat chested, lol.

Mid 20’s too thin and no color at all. The jacket is wearing me, it is all shoulder pads, lol.

Somewhere along the line I stopped the starving rituals, and I really began eating more normally when I met my husband James at the age of 30. I realized I met someone who loved me for who I was, someone who thought I was more beautiful on the inside than the outside. I will never forget the simple moment of going for an ice cream sundae with him in Cleveland, Ohio in 1998. Before he came along I hated eating with someone I was interested in.

Through the years as my weight when up and down I would go back to extreme dieting. I did not starve like I did in my young years, but I would still practice other forms of deprivation and extreme dieting. Now, I have to monitor my potassium. Just the after affects of years of doing that to my body.

Ironically enough I would end up really overweight in 2013. Here I am in 2014, after gaining the most weight ever in 2013 I have lost 33 pounds the sane and healthy way. I am on a path of learning what it feels like to treat my body as a temple, not only for aesthetic reasons but for my health and well being. So, on my weigh in day as I ponder the scale staying almost the same, I will revel in the fact that I am stronger than I was yesterday, and each and every day is a new beginning. With the inspiration of the athletes of the Olympics, and many of my amazing friends I have in my corner I am more motivated now than ever. I will also focus on the gratitude I have for those motivating me as I continue my health and well being journey. I could not go it alone.

Since it is taking some time to get to my next ten pound milestone and my next charity I have decided in the meantime to give more back in between charities. My friend Meagan and I are going back to Alexandria House this coming Wednesday with some delicious goodies for the families who reside there for the Valentines holiday. We are going Wednesday night and staying for dinner. I look forward to the visit and I am thankful again to Seasons 52 for offering to donate mini indulgences to take along with our homemade baked goods. A big thanks to Monica, Chef Jessica, Chef Veronica, Meagan, and all the managers of Seasons 52 in Century City California who have gone beyond to help me give back.

Valentine’s day is all about love.
Off for the day, much love and light to you.
Remember you are a beautiful creature of the universe, just the way you are.

Alan Jackson;Jimmy Buffett – It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere

Good Morning to all. I am up and drinking my coffee, and listening to some upbeat music to begin my day. Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. People think it is funny that I love Jimmy Buffet since I have never been drunk, but I am a poet and so is he. I love his music, it gives me goosebumps. My friend in Pittsburgh is keeping me posted for tour dates here on the west coast.

Tonight after work I am meeting my trainer Mike at the gym instead of the park at five a clock, ironically enough.  We are mixing it up since it has been cooler and there seems to be a mosquito issue lately.

I am sure my workout will be more intense, since it will involve a treadmill and incline. Mike really wants to get my intensity up and I think he is right. Time to step it up a few notches.

Next week on Wednesday my friend Meagan and I are delivering some homemade baked goodies to Alexandria House for Valentine’s Day. Seasons 52 and Monica offered to donate their mini indulgences as well. I am happy to bring some sweets to the sweet residents of Alexandria House, a transitional home for women and children.

Off for now, busy day ahead and not much time to write. Happy Thursday, remember It’s Five A Clock Somewhere.


I am obsessed with this yogi tree in Beverly Hills

Good morning, love and light to all. It is pretty chilly here in Southern California, I know nothing compared to the east coast but definitely lite jacket weather. I am working out tonight with my trainer Mike, and he has decided to still work out in the park. It may be a little chilly, but I love breathing in the fresh air. It would be amazing to find an outdoor yoga class. Nothing like breathing in the clean air and practicing mobile meditation in the lovely scenery of a park surrounded by trees.

I have found a new product I love. Jiff makes a whipped peanut butter. It is just whipped with air, and lower in fat and calories than regular peanut butter. Two tablespoons is 140 calories and 4 points plus if you follow weight watchers. I love the fact that is is easy to spread on an apple or banana, and you can refrigerate it and it is just as light and smooth. I am  little obsessed.

I have decided the first thing I will do on my fitness bucket list. Inspired by my amazing yogi friend Tracy Gittens who has a studio in San Diego called Galaxy Lifestyle and Fitness.

It is just a matter of signing up with my friend who is a former gymnast. Jessica and I are taking a class at the Cirque’ school here in Hollywood, and we are both just over our heads about it. I found something on groupon, so soon we will be signing up. Our Mondays will never be the same again.

Off for now, I must get a work day in and then head home and to the park. I am really working on opening up my back and getting my quads to loosen up. This is my goal this month.
Love and Light to all.
Happy Tuesday


We kept our Super Bowl snacks healthy and low fat and high fiber. Instead of making a lot of bad choices we did healthy swaps. Here is what we did to stay on track and be healthy.

We had a veggie tray, always eat a broad spectrum of colorful vegetables.

Low fat corn chips, minimal ingredients. We made nachos with black beans in which we rinsed, and added fresh tomatoes and onions and a bit of low fat cheese.

I made homemade guacamole with no salt.

We were in the mood for wings, so we baked vegetarian buffalo tenders from Morningstar farms. A splurge but much safer than the real deal.

I drank water and sparking water with fresh limes.

To wrap up, we had a little fun without the guilt that comes with special occasions like The Super Bowl. 

Onward to a new week with new fitness challenges. I am thinking of doing a fitness challenge to kick off the beginning of the winter Oympics.  I get so inspired watching the athletes. Yesterday I was stopped on the street by a random stranger who recognized me from this blog, he told me I looked amazing and to keep up the hard work. I was shocked and humbly said thank you. It actually inspired me to step it up a notch. I am ready to work even harder.

Wishing you a wonderful brand new week. Remember Monday is like New Year’s Day, a brand new beginning each and every week. Let’s start strong.
Love and Light


Gaining my composure after one stressful week, I plan to stand tall and graceful as my beloved trees.

Good Morning to all, and Happy Chinese New Year and the first day of February. Today feels like another new beginning to me, leaving this week behind. Last year at this time we lost our beloved cat Stormy, and this week has been a hectic and stressful week. Coincidence? Well, I have put the stress behind me and I look forward to regaining my zen and composure. 

Stormy doing her downward dog. I cannot think of that week one year ago, when I do tears take over.

I weighed in today, and I went up a pound. I know it is probably water weight. I am due for that monthly visitor and I did eat more sodium than usual this week. I had a few vegetarian products that taste delicious, and are low in fat and calories but so high in salt. I will try to limit those from here on out. My weight is now 175 lbs, and I hope to lose this water weight asap.

I admit I did not track my food and points, this week I will be diligent about that. It is amazing how worry and stress can overcome your plans and leave you vulnerable for slip ups. This week I shall breathe, drink my water, and make sure I am not skipping my meals. My workouts demand fuel and I should know better after all of this time. I am human so it is natural to have off weeks, I just need to nip it in the bud so to speak and start anew right now at this very moment in time. 

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday. Love, and Light. Onward and upward.