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The three layer cake for Valentine’s Day
Cookies and Red Velvet Mini Indulgences from Seasons 52
Sweets for the sweet residents at Alexandria House

Mini Indulgences from Seasons 52

Spreading Valentine’s Cheer

Janet number one posing with a mini indulgence, she and Janet 2 as they call each other cooked an amazing dinner for everyone.

The cake was a hit, I was good and did not have any.

Clean up time is all about family teamwork

Good evening to all on this Thursday evening. Last night my friend and co-worker Meagan and I delivered sweets for Valentine’s Day to Alexandria house, a transitional home for women and children in Los Angeles CA.  We stayed for dinner and spent time with the ladies who run the house and the families who live there. It was lovely experience and I am happy I was able to make time to visit. Before dinner everyone gathers and holds hands in prayer and then everyone introduces themselves. Afterwards the children sit at the table and the Mother’s serve them dinner, then everyone else eats. It is a beautiful craftsman home, who amazing woodwork and a beautiful fireplace. It feels like home, and it reminds me of my own childhood home. It is a special place full of hope, happiness and love, a magical place.

We brought a three layer cake, cookies and Seasons 52 donated their award winning mini indulgences, I am so grateful to them for their support and generosity. Dinner was homemade enchiladas, salad, corn bread and kool-aid. I have to admit I was so excited for the kool-aid, one of my favorite childhood indulgences. It was a great experience to stay for dinner, and we also stayed to help clean and chat with the ladies who live at Alexandria House. I truly am humbled to be able to visit and give a little of myself, after all this is their home. I plan on returning in the near future. I am brainstorming, maybe a book drive for the kids who live there and for all of the other children Alexandria House helps. A big thanks to Meagan for joining me on my quest to give back a little.

Tonight was my workout with my trainer Mike at the park. I was rushed for time today and I did not eat enough so my energy was a little lacking but I kept up pretty well. We are really upping the intensity and I am so happy about that. I am really getting stronger and improving. I am only on my way up, I will not slow down or stop. I may struggle but I will not falter. I am determined and enjoying every minute of movement. Tonight I am doing my 25 burpees, I challenged myself to do 25 extra burpees a day along with everything else I am doing.

This weekend I am getting away, woo hoo. James and I are going to La Jolla CA and we are staying right on the water. I am so stoked to use an old California term. I love weekends away, California is the perfect place to get away on little adventures and explore. 

Off for now, I need to eat a salad and then do my burpees and stretching before bed. Wishing you a beautiful evening and sweet dreams.