Daily Archives: February 12, 2014


Meagan and I at Seasons 52, on the way to deliver toys to Alexandria House December 23. We are returning tonight with Valentine’s Day sweets and to join our new friends for dinner. 

Good Morning to all on this beautiful Wednesday on the west coast. I feel for everyone else in the country who is dealing with frigid weather. I woke up to a stunning sunrise over the trees beyond my kitchen window. I love the sunrises and sunsets of Southern California, they have hues of magenta, indigo, purple, and gold. Makes me happy to be alive. Last night at the park the sunset was equally mesmerizing, it is enough to make me never want to move from this place ever.

Yesterday was my workout with my trainer Mike at the park. I am really now stepping up my hard work. I told him yesterday the last seven months were just a warm up for me, now the real work begins. We jogged, did the TRX, did stairs with free weights, and some other exercises that are new to me. We did this thing with ropes, you snap the ropes and drop in a semi burpee and jump back up and snap the ropes again. Yea, I was sore hours later, not a day but hours. I know I am working hard when the soreness comes on so soon. My flexibility is really starting to come along. 

After my workout, I had a quick bite and a hello to my hubby James and I went for a walk to the local grocery store to buy sweets for my visit to Alexandria House tonight to share some Valentine’s Day cheer. I thought I would have time to bake, but instead I bought a beautiful three layer cake and some Valentine’s Day cupcakes. Monica, Chef Jessica, Chef Roni, Chef Lee, Ishbak, Laura, Shane;  my management staff of Seasons 52 in Century City are donating their mini indulgences for our visit. Meagan my friend and co-worker is coming with me, and we are staying for dinner. Should be a lovely visit and evening with our new friends.  I really look forward to it. I have decided to do little things of service to the community as I wait, (no pun intended), for my next ten pound weight loss. 

Off for now, I must do some morning stretches before getting ready for my day. Tonight after my visit to Alexandria House I will do my 25 burpees and get on the treadmill for a bit. It will be a hectic day but I can do all of that later when I get home in the early evening. Yesterday I called an Uber Car to take me home from the grocery store since I could not walk with the cake, we love Uber. I told my driver all about my project and he was inspired and in return inspired me. I am so blessed  to be able to do all I am doing, these last seven months have been amazing and I look forward to the next seven months. I have changed so much, and I am very proud of that. I have met the most amazing people along the way, and I am moved beyond belief. Life is so precious, every moment and person a gift. I am incredibly grateful to all who have graced my life.

Love and Light,