Daily Archives: February 3, 2014


We kept our Super Bowl snacks healthy and low fat and high fiber. Instead of making a lot of bad choices we did healthy swaps. Here is what we did to stay on track and be healthy.

We had a veggie tray, always eat a broad spectrum of colorful vegetables.

Low fat corn chips, minimal ingredients. We made nachos with black beans in which we rinsed, and added fresh tomatoes and onions and a bit of low fat cheese.

I made homemade guacamole with no salt.

We were in the mood for wings, so we baked vegetarian buffalo tenders from Morningstar farms. A splurge but much safer than the real deal.

I drank water and sparking water with fresh limes.

To wrap up, we had a little fun without the guilt that comes with special occasions like The Super Bowl. 

Onward to a new week with new fitness challenges. I am thinking of doing a fitness challenge to kick off the beginning of the winter Oympics.  I get so inspired watching the athletes. Yesterday I was stopped on the street by a random stranger who recognized me from this blog, he told me I looked amazing and to keep up the hard work. I was shocked and humbly said thank you. It actually inspired me to step it up a notch. I am ready to work even harder.

Wishing you a wonderful brand new week. Remember Monday is like New Year’s Day, a brand new beginning each and every week. Let’s start strong.
Love and Light