Daily Archives: January 16, 2014



I saw a viral video today on the Internet, it is of a man in  Speedo doing aerobics on the beach. He is really getting into the moves and is obviously having a blast, with not a care of what others think of him. I know what you are thinking, Speedos are so tacky but he was shaking his thang with not one care in the world.  He was in his own space, moving and having fun and at the same getting healthy. It made me smile from ear to ear because we should all live our lives this way. We should get into a non judgemental space, for others and our selves. Live like a kid, who cares who is watching. Have the time of your life. Life is short so live it now, with freedom and abandon.

This video reminded me of a visit to Coney Island with James. We were standing on the pier watching the waves and doing a little people watching. There was this boy, he must have been around twelve and he was running in and out of the waves in only his underpants without a care in the universe. He was enjoying the waves and did not give a hoot if anyone was watching. We should all ride the waves of life without the silly worry of what others may think of us. Dive in, get wet, be silly, just live.

Today is my second workout for the week with my trainer Mike. I am sore in places I have not been sore in a long while and that is good.  I remember Last July when I began this project I did not know Mike very well and I worried what he thought of me. I was overweight and I felt awkward with the exercises. Shame on me for worrying about how I appeared to others. I was getting healthy and helping others. We all need to not care what people think, it is our own opinion that matters. Not that Mike was judgmental, actually he is probably the furthest thing from judgmental but in the beginning that is how I felt weighing close to 200lbs. Never again will I worry what people think of me, I shall live like a kid without a lick of a care of others thoughts.  Lesson learned from a dancing man on the beach wearing only a Speedo.

Wishing you a day of abandon, freedom, and fun.
Love and Light.