Daily Archives: December 19, 2013


Good Morning to all. We are a little under the weather here, so I am just trying to get through it and feel better by my big weekend. I have been shopping both for my Birthday outfit, and for my husband since he lost a few pounds as well and works later than I do. It has been a project, shopping for a man. I just need accessories for myself, I found some killer heals to go with my dress, these should put my 5’2 frame at 5’8. They are that high, I hope I can walk.

Just a quick post, this cold has got the best of me and I do not have much energy, but I have been using the Neti Pot and I seem to be getting better at a quicker pace than my husband who refuses to use it. I believe it truly works, and I can say I can breathe this morning.

Wishing you a beautiful day. My toy drive is in full swing and we deliver the toys on Monday. Christmas just comes and goes too quickly, I will be happy when I can return to my normal routine and lose this 30-40 pounds once the new year arrives. I got a hair trim the other day, and I had not been in the salon in months and the staff went on and on about my weight loss, that made my week.