Daily Archives: December 12, 2013


Yesterday I went to buy tuna and some healthy vegetables at Trader Joe’s and everything there is decked out for Christmas. The temptations are endless. I am splurging at Christmas but it is not easy. The holidays are such a weak spot, but I am staying strong and not giving in. They have these delicious Christmas cookies I want to buy, and I am hoping they are not sold out right before Christmas because I am holding off. Bring on the New Year and a drop in the scale.

Tuesday I did my workout with my friend and trainer Mike, and today I am feeling the after affects.  I am so sore. It is good though, I know I need to be a little sore, and move new muscles. It was a great workout, challenging. I got a little cocky on one of the exercises and Mike could see it was just to easy and he nipped my cockiness in the bud by making it harder on a higher bench. There I was, awkward moves and all. I always say you can be humbled in a second, and in my case it was through exercise. Mike is leaving to visit family until after the New Year so I need to be up on my workouts, and make sure I do what he has taught me so I do not get soft. Motivation, and the holidays but I will hang in there and make it happen, with maybe a cookie or two.

I have not posted in two days, my allergies are bothering me and I slept in too late. This weekend I will do a post about my 20 lb charity. I am really excited.

Off for now, I am in dire need of coffee today. Love and light to all.