Daily Archives: December 3, 2013


Vegetable juice to help me reset my body 

The Thanksgiving Holiday was amazing, and having all of the time off was great but now it is time to get back to work. This week is a short work week,which I love. I think the weather may get a little cooler, which always makes it challenging to go and work out but I will get through the December temptations. I am about to weigh myself, I cheated on Thanksgiving but to be honest even though I only cheated one day, I did not watch my sodium as much as usual over the weekend. So I will see how the scale reacts, also I may have some female water weight to boot. Female water weight with Thanksgiving, a double weight whammy. So, in essence I need to make sure I am right on track up until my birthday in three weeks, I am going to be extra diligent with my diet until December 21st. We are going to Musso and Frank’s for my Birthday, a LA bucket list must. I want to get a new outfit and celebrate all that I have worked hard for, and take lots of photos.

Ok so the damage is two pounds. It is disheartening to see the scale up, but I know with female water weight and the holiday that may not be permanent. I am just going to push harder up until Christmas, do the December challenge to work out every day this month that Melissa Bender Fitness suggested. When the New Year hits I will even work harder. I have this, for me at my age it is taking some time but I am getting there. When I was younger I lost weight so quickly, but I understand the challenges of being a woman in my forties. I am just going to reset with healthy choices and work out and clear my mind and body.

Off for now, workout or yoga tonight, and if I go to yoga I am running all the way there. I will conquer this just in time to do my twenty pound charity. I am just waiting on an email and checking a few details before I reveal what I am doing this month.

Love and Light