Daily Archives: December 1, 2013

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Workout Challenge

I am adding this to my routine for the month of December, answering the challenge to make sure no matter what happens I get these workouts in. Love it, Thanks Melissa Bender.

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Workout Challenge: Hi Everyone, It is the first day of the month and I am starting a new challenge. For every day this month I am committing to working…


Happy first day of December to all. I am having a low key day, I am not feeling like myself and the dreaded leftovers are trying to tempt me. My husband James just had a piece of my chocolate and pecan pie with ice cream and I admit I would love a piece but I am not giving in. I just had some Ezekial toast instead and I will be going for a walk/run this evening. It is hard to be good when there are so many treats trying to vie for your attention. I am staying strong though, I am not giving in no matter what.

December, I will make it through with flying holiday colors, with extra workouts and keeping my eye on the prizes. I can do this, even when my will gets tested. I love the holidays but there is more to this time than food. I will persevere.

Happy December to all. 
Love and Light