Daily Archives: November 25, 2013


Toast and Popcorn for Thanksgiving, Snoopy Style

Good Monday Morning to all. I am so excited about Thanksgiving. I think I picked the perfect day to cheat on my healthy diet and lifestyle, but I am going to try to sneak a run in as the turkey cooks. My friend from the Richard Simmons video Francie is coming to join us for dinner, and I am calling it our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It is going to be so much fun, you do not have to have tons of people to have a good time. We miss family but we love life and make the most of moments every chance we get. Yesterday we pulled out the Christmas tree, and it is ready to go. Only three more days of work.

I weigh in tomorrow, and I hope I lost a little weight. I know I am losing inches and well as weight but it is so rewarding to see the scale go down. My stomach feels so flat, lol, that is the best feeling.

Off for my day, this week I will be doing less yoga in class because I have things to get ready for my Thanksgiving, but I will sneak a class in and of course go running/walking. There is no schedule for that, you just step out the door and go.

Happy Monday


Thanksgiving is almost here, and I am excited to have one day where I deviate from my healthy lifestyle. I get a one day opportunity to cook, bake and eat some wonderful food. I have worked hard and it is really starting to show. Today I was shopping for some bake ware and I saw my reflection in a mirror and I admit I stood there for some time staring at my weight loss results.  I do not have a full length mirror and I should have bought one today, but I decided to wait and get one next time. I am very happy and proud of how far I have come. It is surprising to see yourself when you do not own a full length mirror.

I have decided in 2014 I am going to get certified with The American Council of Exercise (ACE)  for Group Exercise Instruction. I am going to order the premium package and take the test into the new year. I want to share my experience of getting fit with others. I am already working on my list for what my New Year’s Resolutions will be, and I am so happy that I am ending this year on such an upbeat and positive note. I am beginning training for 5K in the end of March. Seasons 52 is sponsoring us and it looks like we are going to do the Bad Prom Run, a fun filled 5K.

It is a cool night here, and I am going to stay in and do the treadmill. Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday night.
Sweet dreams, Namaste’