Daily Archives: November 19, 2013


Good Morning to all. I am happy to say I lost the 1 lb I had gained. I now weigh 177 again, and I am hovering at 20 lbs since mid July. Yes, it took me four months to  lose twenty pounds, and it has been easy sticking to healthy eating and working out and yoga, but it has not been easy to get the numbers to go down. I am almost 47, and I recognize the fact that my age make my process much harder. But I am content and happy with my results so far and will continue on and on as long as it takes.  I am hoping to lose up to 10 lbs by the New Year, and I may have to up my cardio to do so. I plan on cheating on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas. I am hoping those cheat days do not derail me. I have not had a cheat day in four months, or a cheat meal for that matter.

So, the 20 lb charity. I have a few ideas and one of them involves Mike my trainer and friend but at the moment that idea may take more time to execute so I am going to plan C for the twenty pound charity. It is Christmas, so I am going to do some things that are close to my heart at this time of year. I am looking for an elderly assisted living home to visit during the holidays, and I have emailed volunteer match for more information. I want to visit once a week. I am hoping to get the information I need soon so I can begin visiting those who need it most.

There is a scene in a movie I love, an old 60’s movie. It is called The Trouble With Angels and it is about these silly girls that go into a Catholic School and make havoc for the nuns. It is all full of slapstick humor and  it is really cute. There is this particular scene that gets me, when they visit the Nursing Home of the elderly and this old woman cries and asks the nun why her children do not come to visit her. It gets me into tears every time. I think it may have been this movie that made me decide that in my life I would  try to help the underprivileged and forgotten ones of society. It has lingered with me all of these years. This works since my goal weight is so far away, and that leaves me with plenty of charities to assist.

Coffee, yes my golden elixir of the morning is needed today. Off to work and then working out and my Iyengar Class. Yesterday I bought some brand new pyrex pie pans at the thrift store for next to nothing. I am making a chocolate pecan pie and an apple crisp for Thanksgiving. Yes, those are not what I usually eat but it is my one cheat day and I feel treats are better homemade then store bought. At very least I know all of the ingredients. I am so excited to cook and bake for the holiday.

Happy Day to all, the sun just popped out for a visit. Wishing you sunshine and smiles and bright energy to guide your day.