Daily Archives: November 18, 2013


Rose on the left with sister Gina on the right.

Good Morning to all on this chilly Monday Morning. I am so excited for the holidays and my weekend away for my Birthday. My plan is to work out like crazy and only splurge on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. The other days I am going to practice moderation and mostly clean eating. If I can get to the new year with close to another ten pounds off I will be very happy. This is the challenge, not to undo all of the hard work of the last five months. I am going to be silly and have my photo taken with Santa Claus, I have always loved to do that since I was just a little girl.  I think it will be a festive way to document the season and fun at the same time. If only I could get James to do it with me. 

Off for now, I am so sleepy I need a second cup of coffee today. Work, then workout tonight after work. Tomorrow I weigh in, and I hope being a female and water weight and all will not hinder my weigh in. Taking it one day at a time as the old saying goes.

Happy Monday