Daily Archives: November 15, 2013


Good Morning to all. This is me with my wonderful Yoga teacher Nicole at Pink Iron. She makes the tanks we are in, her company is Honu Yoga, and I have one in every color and proceeds go to helping with conservation of sea turtles. I love my Honu Yoga tanks.
I she is my first yoga teacher, and even though I belong to Yogaworks, I also go to her class once a week at Pink Iron because she is such a phenomenal teacher. Pink Iron is an amazing Cross Fit gym for ladies, and the only reason I do not belong is because I prefer to work out with my trainer and on my own, and do group classes for other things like yoga and aerobics etc. Cross fit is great but for me it was not a fit, but the Pink Iron community is like a family and I am grateful to them and the owner Holly Holton. If you want to do Cross Fit for take one of Nicole’s three yoga classes at week they are located in West Hollywood on La Cienega and Holloway. 
Love and Light