Daily Archives: November 12, 2013


At the casino, almost kicked out for taking a photo

Salad kept me full so I would not eat anything too bad. At Ruby’s Diner in Palm Springs

Salt is not my friend. I did great with my eating this weekend in Palm Springs but since I ate in restaurants I am positive I ate more salt than I usually do. I control my sodium at home but it is difficult to do when away. You may be able to eat healthy, but some extra sodium and salt is inevitable. I got on the scale and I am happy to report I only went up a pound. My current weight is 178 and I am completely confident that one pound is just water weight from my long weekend away. 

I got on the scale and it is done, now I am off and ready to lose more weight. I have two weeks before Thanksgiving to lose more and stick to my program. I am cheating on Thanksgiving, it would not be Thanksgiving without a little indulgence to go along with my gratitude.

Tonight back to yoga, and hopefully time for a long walk before. Last night I made a wonderful and healthy chicken soup with grains and vegetables and I will post a recipe this weekend. I wish everyone a beautiful sun filled 11-12-13.