Daily Archives: November 11, 2013


I love weekends away. Having some time away from home gives your perspective a different vantage point. You collect your thoughts, you connect with the person you love. It is refreshing and renewing. I always come home with ideas to make my daily life better. I was reading my LA YOGA magazine by a fountain by the pool, and being near the water made me feel so serene. I remembered years ago I waited on this strange but intriguing woman who told me I always need to have water near me. She told me I should purchase one of those fountain machines for my home so I can have the sound of running water to relax me always. I think I am going to look for one online, inspired by sitting in a little courtyard in Palm Springs.  

Our Palm Springs weekend for James’ Birthday was wonderful and now it is good to be home with our two loving Siamese cats Rascal and Spanky. They could not be happier we are home.

Going away creates challenges with your diet and workout routine, and even if you stick to eating as healthy as possible, restaurant food still is higher in sodium than home made food. I find I have a bit of a stomach ache today, and I look forward to getting on the scale even if I may have gained a little from water weight. That may just be an inevitable fact. Starting today I am returning to keeping a journal of all of my food, and I may start counting my Weight Watchers points once again. It is a great way to stay accountable, and keep on track without having to do the math of calories. I have been successful not counting, but I feel as far as I have to go it will help me keep my sanity. I will be posting about my next charity this week. Since the holidays are approaching I may do a few different ones through the course of December.

I want to wish all of our Veterans a Happy Veterans Day and thank them for their service. Our freedom is the best gift we have, and I truly am in debt to them for all that they do to uphold our safety. My father was a World War II veteran, and he served in the Pacific.

Off for now. Long day ahead of me. I am assuming work will be slow today since it is a holiday, so I am heading to Trader Joe’s after to find something healthy and simple to cook for dinner. I am going to just go walking/running tonight since I am not sure the yoga studio is open for the holiday. Back to the grind, so much weight to lose, many charities to assist, I have my work cut out for me and I love it. 
Love and Light