Daily Archives: November 9, 2013


Nothing tests your willpower like a weekend away. I have been doing so good with my diet and I have not splurged at all since I began in July. I am here in Palm Springs and I am proud to say I am sticking as much as possible to my healthy habits. The only difference this weekend is that I may be eating more sodium than my body is used to. 

We left Los Angeles today at noon, and I started my day off with a think thin protein bar and a cup of coffee. When we arrived my husband wanted to stop at this cute diner called Ruby’s and he wanted burgers. They had a menu called de-liteful and there was a low calorie, low fat turkey burger on the menu. I had it with a side salad and vinegar and I splurged on a few french fries. I also had a few sips of diet coke but drank tons of water.

For dinner we went to The Fisherman’s Market and I chose charbroiled swordfish with rice pilaf and broccoli. I splurged a little on coleslaw and tartar but I passed on the fried seafood platter that my husband chose. All in all my first day away was a little off my own program but I think I did pretty well. We did a lot of walking  around town.

Tomorrow I will make healthy choices but at the same time try to enjoy my weekend. We are going to have birthday cake, a few bites will not hurt me. I am trying so hard to stay away from food that is over the top in calories and fat, and this definitely is a challenge.

Monday I am hitting the diet and workouts/yoga hardcore. I have improved and I am definitely making progress but as I sit here in this desert oasis I reflect on the fact I have such a long way to go. 

I just have to take one day at a time.

Low calorie, low fat turkey burger on wheat bun