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Good Monday Morning to all, yes it is Monday again. We changed the clocks back this weekend so it is lighter earlier, which I really like in the morning. It makes it much easier to wake up when the sun is up as well.  I took a photo last night to try to update my 20 pound loss from July. I originally took my before photos at CVS in July, and I took a few more there this weekend but I cannot find my camera charger so I will upload those photos as soon as possible. This photo is blurry and my husband was more interested in football. I also posted a photo taken a week ago at Griffith Park.  You can see the difference, even though I feel it is a bit subtle.

I am working on my 20 pound charity, to do done when I hit the 25 pound mark. I feel now I need to kick everything up a notch, and work harder. This will not be easy with the Holidays approaching but I need to get to my 47th Birthday on track with all of my goals. December 21st is approaching fast. Thanksgiving will be a cheat day for me, my first in months. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful Autumn Day.
Love and Light

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