Daily Archives: November 2, 2013


Gina, Mom, and Rose

In 1997 my sister Gina and I made my Mother very happy for her birthday, and in October of that year the three of us went to Hawaii. This started a love affair with the music, and the group Hapa. 

Me in 1997 with our tour guide “Cousin Larry” Mahalo

Now here I am working on this blog, and I have always wanted to learn Hula Dance. I am adding this to my fitness bucket list. I found a school here in Silverlake CA. They teach classes and sometimes offer performing opportunities. The music makes me breathless and I would love to learn this ancient way of expressing your body.

In the meantime I am going to have a private outdoor yoga lesson with Nicole and learn to do the sun salutations timed to Hapa and Hawaiian music. I want to learn it and memorize it so I can practice my yoga to the mesmerizing and inspiring music in the lovely California sun.

Love and Light
Keep dreaming, keep looking for inspiration, it is everywhere. In the wind, in the sun, and in the trees.