Daily Archives: October 27, 2013


Good evening to all. This blog post is late, it was a hectic day and tonight we met friends at a sports bar to watch the World Series. Now I am sleepy but I have decided to do a quick post before bed about kindness. Have you ever done a good deed for a stranger and pondered the idea that sometimes we are being tested from above? is it possible we have ever encountered an Angel disguised as a homeless person? Do Angels walk amongst us?

I have been reflecting on a lot of things of late, especially the importance to being kind to strangers. I also have been brainstorming ideas for  my next charity since I am so close to the 20 lb mark. I have been discussing my ideas with Mike my trainer and friend, and I will announce what my plans are in the next week. He is again helping me with my charities and we are teaming up again to make a difference and I am very grateful for that. There is truly no I in the word Team. I could not do this project alone.

So off to bed it is for me. I wish everyone sweet dreams, love and light.