Daily Archives: October 23, 2013


Good Morning and happy hump day. I cannot wait for the weekend to get here. This week Mike is busy so I am on my own with my workouts. I will resume working out with him next week. No worries, I will not sit on my laurels and be lazy. I went to another Iyengar Yoga class instead, and I always learn so much from Vladamir at Yogaworks. My Friday Vinyasa yoga teacher Tom was in the class, and I met some lovely yogi’s as well. This class is full of seasoned yogi’s but I hold my own pretty well except when we get to the inversions. That is where I am a beginner, and eventually I will get them as I get stronger in my arms but I am a long way off. Tom was next to me in class and he told me I am doing great, that I just need to continue to show up and everything will fall into place.

Vladamir showed me this amazing way to get into a shoulder stand using a chair as a prop, and you slide off the chair and bam you are in the pose. How cool is that. He really is an amazing teacher. A lot of the students in class go to the Iyengar Institute. It is an amazing way to break everything down and concentrate of the form of the poses.

Yogaworks gave me this punch card to use everytime I attend class, and it is almost filled. I get $25.00 coupon off merchandise. I really need a good yoga bag and there is one with room for all my work and workout gear plus a mat. To be a success one needs to be organized, and I have been lacking the right bag for this. 

Time to finish my coffee and get ready for my day. Tonight I am taking Nicole’s Vinyasa class at Pink Iron, and it is not until 7:15 so I have time to make my husband dinner and go for a run walk before. I wish everyone a beautiful and bright hump day. 
Love and Light