Daily Archives: October 7, 2013


Happy Monday Morning. I have to make this a quick post, I have a long day ahead. I have to start bagging the cookies for to give to the Homeless tonight at The Monday Night Mission. I have to work, and that makes my day a bit more hectic. I also woke up with a sour stomach, so trying to nip that in the bud. 

I will post all about the experience of helping The Monday Night Mission, and of course I have said I will do a post all about Seasons 52 as soon as I get a moment. Off for now, hoping I have a break in between work so I can walk around the mall and get somewhat of a workout in.
Love and light to all. Namasta’


I am so late with this post, I had a busy Sunday. Tomorrow I am joining the Monday Night Mission to feed the homeless residents at skid row. I bought bags of oranges and I am bagging up chocolate cookies for at least 100 people. We are picking up food at Seasons 52, and I will do a post all about Seasons 52 and their role in helping me help the cause. I am blessed to work at an establishment that is so supportive of my endeavors. I look forward to joining The Monday Night Mission.

I was coming back from the grocery store and I was stopped by volunteers of The Los Angeles Aids walk. We got to talking, and I donated some cash to their cause. They invited me to come walk next Sunday, and I just may do that. My husband and I are meeting friends that afternoon but I may be able to squeeze it in. Today I walked everywhere I went, so I did get some exercise in the midst of my chaotic day.

On my way back from shopping for the cause and picking up food for my husband I saw this homeless lady I always see, she is in a wheel chair and she always looks so sad. I stopped in Kitchen 24, bought a sandwich and french friends for her, and asked the manager to give it to her with a glass of water. I figured charity begins at home, and she is always in my neighborhood and I have bought her food before. It really breaks my heart that in today’s world people are all alone and homeless. I can hardly wrap my brain around it, and it makes me feel guilty for what I have. I want to do more.

I am off for now, I am doing laundry and turning in for the night. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Love and light. Namaste’