Daily Archives: October 4, 2013


Good Morning to all. It is Friday, I am am so happy about that. Yesterday I went to my Iyengar Yoga class, which I absolutely love. My body is really beginning to open up in the poses, it is such a wonderful class to add if you mostly take Vinyaya. Tonight is Vinyasa class at Yogaworks. I am really becoming flexible but I must say I am a little afraid to do a headstand, I guess inversions will come with time. I love seeing my practice expand. I am able to do a split up against the wall with no props for my hands.

I am off for now, I went out with my wonderful friend Francie last night, and we sat at an outdoor cafe for a couple hours, and when I got home the cats kept us up half the night so I am really sleepy. One more day of work then it is the weekend. Happy Weekend to all.