Daily Archives: October 1, 2013


Good morning to all on this first day of October. I woke up and got on the scale first thing, and I am happy to say I now weight 182 lbs. I have lost another 2.5 and I am so excited. That brings my total weight loss to 15 lbs since I started this project. In actuality I weigh 25 pounds less than I did last January, but for the sake of My Change For A Ten I am down 15 lbs since mid July.

I am thrilled, and I will definitely keep going. I have decided to make Project Cuddle my thirty pound goal, because having a virtual baby shower is going to take a little more time than I have anticipated, and I want to do it right. I am probably going to do it outdoors at a park so I can invite more people than my apartment can hold. So Project Cuddle is my thirty pound goal, and now I am on the lookout for a charity for the twenty pound mark. I need to brainstorm.

My ten pound goal charity is next Monday, I am assisting The Monday Night Mission in their efforts to feed the homeless and hungry residents of skid row. I know I am five pounds past my ten pound goal, but this one took planning as well, plus I wanted to get well past the ten pound mark to make sure it is official, as a woman I was worried I would announce my ten pound loss, and then gain water weight the next week. I have now cinched it since I am at fifteen pounds. I am going to write two complete posts, all about the Monday Night Mission, and another about Seasons 52 and their role in my efforts to help feed the homeless. 

Today I am working, and after I am working out with my friend and trainer Mike. I am so appreciative of him, his friendship, and his expertise and time. I was so sore last week after our workout, and I know tonight will be much of the same but I can take it. A few weeks ago he suggested a do something called a Mud Run, and I kind of smirked at the idea. Yesterday I was talking to my two managers at Seasons 52, Chef Jessica who has ordered the food for The Monday Night Mission, and my manager Laura. They did a Mud Run once and loved it, and they have offered to do it with me if I decide to do one. They said it was a riot so I am contemplating looking into this new challenge, albeit a dirty one. 

I am off for now, coffee and I must get moving. My two Siamese cats are so cute now, they make me want to stay home with them and just be lazy. One is burrowed under the blankets, and the other loves to sleep in his cat bed. Wishing you a beautiful first day of October. Love and light to all.