Daily Archives: August 20, 2013


I love being a woman. With that said there are some things that I do not love about being a woman, and one is wicked monthly water weight. You can do everything right and the scale will go up from time to time. You have no control over it, it is what it is.

Today I woke up feeling great but I knew deep inside I probably did not lose this week. I did everything as according to plan. I ate clean and I worked out six days of the week.  The scale did not budge, I stayed exactly the same as last week. I weigh 190 pounds. It was not my fault, it was the fault of my gender. 

Time to take a deep breathe and move on. I did not gain, I did not lose. I know I am losing inches and I am progressing so no worries. I am changing my body, my mind, and my life. Next week is another chance to lose and get closer to my My Change For A Ten first charity. In the meantime, more workouts, yoga and eating healthy. 

Tonight is my workout with Mike. I am assuming it will be a little more challenging since I am progressing and growing stronger. He is a very good trainer. He works you and pushes you without being aggressive or pushing you to the point of an injury. He respects your level of fitness and is understanding and motivational. That is probably a hard thing to find in a trainer so I am blessed. 

Happy Tuesday to all.
Love and Light