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Left to right….Rose, Santa who I just worshiped, and sister Gina

It is Tuesday August 13, 2013 and before I get to my weigh in I would like to wish my big sister Gina a very Happy Happy Birthday. Just a shout out across the miles, and some nostalgic family photos. I miss my family, but I send them love and light back east. I hope to see them soon. 

I weighed in this morning. I have decided I would weigh in at home on Tuesday Mornings and follow Weight Watchers on my own and online. I prefer to weigh in at home to get the most accurate read, and that gives me more time to workout. 

I lost two more pounds, bringing my weight to…..drum roll…..190 LBS. That makes my total weight loss since I started My Change For A Ten to seven pounds. I am almost at my first milestone of ten pounds. As soon as I lose my first ten pounds, it will be a few weeks before I do my first charity which is The Monday Night Mission. I need to give my work  a few weeks notice so they can have the food ready. I also want to make sure I am past the ten pound mark since sometimes there are those weeks when we gain a few. I want to have the first ten pounds lost for good so I can focus on the charities and then getting to the twenty pound mark.

Today is my weekly Tuesday workout with Mike. I always look forward to it, it is hard but I can see it works and of course I am so grateful that he gives his time to help me. I am also handing him my food journal, that really helped me stay on track. I promised I would have more information about him and his  personal trainer services in the future and I will. He is a wonderful trainer and friend. I was saying just yesterday. You can never have enough friends. I love the quote from the film It’s A Wonderful Life… “No man is a failure who has friends.”  It is such an inspiring film about appreciating your life, a must see.

Off for the day. Happy Birthday Gina, and I wish everyone else a beautiful day today. You woke up, you are breathing, now anything is possible as long as you have that opportunity to make it so. Every day is a Birthday if you look at it that way. 
Love and Light

left to right Niece Nerissa, Uncle Edward, Gina, me, Sister Dona and sister Frankie

Me on the bottom, My Aunt Elaine in center, left to right from top, Dona, Frankie, My lovely Mother, and Gina

Left to right me and Gina

The girls, all of them. Left to right Niece Calli, me, Gina, Niece Nerissa, Frankie, Dona, and babies Satya and Clara