Daily Archives: August 10, 2013


Yesterday was Friday, and I woke up to a splitting headache which would not go away all day. I decided this week on Friday I would take my rest day. I was still sore and a little tired. To rest or not to rest, for me it is a bit of a frightening concept. From what I hear from people it can me important to let your muscles recover. So I chose to rest and now the headache is history. My potassium feels really low, my lips are twitching so I am downing a large coconut water. That should do the trick.  I tend to be low on potassium and I am assuming with all the work I am putting in I am definitely losing extra. I will make a point to tell my Dr since I may need a supplement.

I work this morning, just for a few hours and I cannot complain because I rarely work weekends. So Today I will do my speed walking in the evening. Tomorrow I am practicing yoga at class in the morning. I am actually still so sleepy this morning so this is a short and sweet post. Happy Weekend to all and do not forget to smile at the face of the sun. xo

Love and Light