Daily Archives: August 9, 2013


Wonderful dancers inspire me
Trying to remember his name, so nice.
Five pounds down
Me with Richard and this nice lady Barbara

The most patriotic girls hamming it up with me after class

I was really tired yesterday, but after class the fatigue had lifted. I had made myself a promise to not skip anything I say I am doing. I have stuck to that vow. Class was completely electric and so was Richard Simmons. The music was so fun, he started off with Madonna’s Vogue, and then he played a lot of rock music. He had everyone dance with people from across the room,  ACDC You Shook Me All Night Long makes people really boogie on down. Nothing like classic rock to get you in the spirit of things.  There was a professional photographer there snapping photos as well, it was really a hoot. And yes, we all played the air guitar.

I met this lady Barbara a few weeks ago, and we decided to take our photo with Richard together. She is really sweet and loves to ballroom dance. She pointed out this dancer who had been there before, she told me to watch him dance. Sure enough he did a few pirouettes and of course that stole my heart. I had to talk to him, being a former dancer. I told him to never quit, my one dance teacher who was 60 and ageless told me dance will keep you young. We took photos together, he was so sweet. I am embarrassed to say I cannot remember  his name for the life of me, or I think I do and I do not wish to post the incorrect name. He goes to Slimmons regularly according to Barbara, so I will get that name and post. Come fall, I will be in dance classes again, so inspiring. Who cares what age you are, as long as you are alive and breathing you can do anything your heart desires. Only we hold ourselves back, and I have decided I will no longer ever hold myself back from anything. I choose to feel ageless.

There was a group of friends dressed in patriotic colors who are spending the summer living together here in Los Angeles. They were too cute, and we took a photo together after class. They are all a little sad since soon they will be going there separate ways, but I am sure they will remember their memories together forever. Richard Simmons gathers people from all walks of life together, it is like a big party. I love it.
At the end of class Richard showcased some wonderful people who have lost anywhere from fifty to over one hundred pounds, it was so inspiring to see their proud faces as he announced their individual weight loss achievements. If that does not inspire I do not know what does. 

I walked home, a little extra exercise. I think it is about a mile walk, and I had a protein shake for a healthy meal replacement before bed. I know I need my protein so I am making an effort to make sure I get enough protein.

When I started this My Change For A Ten I had two goals, to lose weight the healthy way for myself and get back to my former dancers shape, and to help others with each ten pounds. I never knew it could also be this fun adventure. Do you remember Susan Powell, the stop the insanity woman with my  platinum blond hair, she was once a weight loss guru on TV. She once said you must enjoy the process as much as the end result, and I see that is completely accurate and true. This process is such an fun journey, and I am having the time of my life making my goals a reality, each baby step of the way; never forgetting my gratitude to those who guide my steps.

Love and light