Daily Archives: August 8, 2013


I woke up on Wednesday so sore from my workout with Mike. I have never experienced that type of all body soreness. I am not complaining, I feel like whatever we are doing is changing my body, and I am getting through the initial soreness. It does go away right? So yesterday I took my first yoga class with Nicole, and even though it has been a year I felt fine. She said I looked strong and could not tell I had been away that long. It really felt amazing, and I forgot how much you sweat in a yoga class. My body definitely needs yoga as a companion exercise to everything else I am doing, at least two to three times a week. Ballet classes I have decided will come later in mid fall. I am losing weight, and changing my body with fitness and helping people.  I can put up with the soreness, I guess I am just a sore loser.

Last night when I got home from yoga, I felt all stretched and limber but still sore, so I decided to take a hot bath and use my favorite product for the skin, Trader Joe’s lavender sea salt scrub. It is made with essential oils, all natural and makes you smell delicious. How delicious? Well, I swore I smelled like fruit loops last night. Maybe I was just hungry but this stuff is amazing. You should definitely try it. I usually only wear coconut fragrances and lotions but I love the smell of natural lavender before bed. This scrub is so soothing especially after working out.

Tonight is Richard Simmons aerobic class, and of course I always look forward to it. I am hoping some of the new friends I met will be there. I always keep a food journal for Weight Watchers, but I am going to keep a more detailed one now because Mike would like to see what it is I am eating. Weight Watchers only weighs you in, they do not look at your food journal. This is extra motivation to be on my toes about my diet. I will show it to him next Tuesday, and it will be completely accurate, no cheating. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday 
Namaste Love, and Light