Daily Archives: August 6, 2013


Good Morning Sunshine. Well, it is a little overcast with the marine layer, but I have to admit I do not mind it. The sun always shines here, it just sometimes takes a little more time to come out. Everyone needs to oversleep every now and then, especially if you expend energy like the powerful sun above. Energy, we are all energy based and I believe positive energy is contagious. We humans, not unlike the sun can harness this electric energy to make something great happen in our lives as well as the lives of others. We are all connected, the sun, moon, stars, and each and every living creature in the vast universe. I am very grateful for the support I have in my quest and in my life, that gratitude never escapes me.

I am very proud to say I lost one pound this week, bringing my total so far to the five pound mark. My weight now is 192 lbs. I can really tell a difference in my clothes and in my face. My face is the first place weight loss shows. I also have been getting some very encouraging comments around my neighborhood. The lovely staff at the pet store asked what I am doing that is different. Apparently everything I am working on is working. No magic pill or juice fast, or crash diet like I have succumbed to in the past.  I am eating clean and healthy and working out.  I also have to remind myself even though for the sake of this project I am down five pounds, but at the start of 2013 I weighed 207 lbs. So I kept off that first initial ten pound loss and now I am down five for My Change For A Ten.  

Today I work, and tonight I work out with my friend and trainer Mike. He has been extremely helpful and supportive and I am so thankful for that, as well as the extra push to do more. He is an excellent trainer and lovely friend to have in my corner, and  he is also completely down to earth. I could never work out with those types who are not down to earth, and you know they are out there. I will master the burpees, someday in the near future.  As soon as Mike has his  fitness blog up and running I will share more about him.

My ankle feels great.  I still need to get an ankle brace like Richard Simmons suggested. I have a feeling if I show up to class on Thursday without one he may give me hell. My husband James was saying how cool it is that I know Richard Simmons, since I grew up with him and my sister and I did his Sweating To The Oldies DVD’s that my Mother owned. To also be in his video was truly an honor since I think he does so much good to help obese people. It is an honor just to know him and I am so thankful for the opportunity to take his classes weekly. 

Fitness gurus, it seems my list of  inspirational friends in fitness is growing. My wonderful friends Nadia and Tracy just opened up a studio in San Diego and I will share links in the near future. They offer yoga and fitness, with aerial yoga. 

My best friend of course is at the top of the list. She has been such a best friend, inspiration and support system for over ten years. Across the miles she is always right beside me cheering me on, as I have always been for her. Check out her amazing fitness videos and blog. She is the exact reason I am a poet and that I write. I am eternally grateful for her and even though we are far in miles, we are so connected in the heart.

A little Tuesday sunshine and  gratitude to begin my day. I am a very gushy girl and I have never believed in holding back with friends and family. I am that person that will tell you thank you or I love you a thousand times. My sisters find it annoying but too bad, I would rather share how I feel and be an open book than have regrets as the sun sets nightly.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda, is not in my vernacular.

Happy Tuesday, woo hoo I love five pounds.
Love and Light