Daily Archives: August 5, 2013


Good Monday Morning to all. I woke up definitely feeling like I did great last week. I feel and I think I look a little smaller. I am in total control of my food, and I have been keeping up on my workouts, classes, and my speed walking. My stomach definitely is getting flatter.

I weigh in today after work, and I usually do not give in to scale games. I get on the scale once a week at Weight Watchers and I get on with it.

This morning I was impatient, and if you ask my husband he will tell you impatience is one of my flaws. I broke down and got on the scale at home, twice. Now when I get on the scale at Weight Watchers later in the afternoon the result could be very different outcome. I am not going to do that anymore, it is just messing with my head and I do not have the opportunity to weigh in at Weight Watchers without clothes. Well, last week I took my top off, hey there was no one there and I asked first. Scale games, it is just another form of  weight obsession and I am trying to curtail all of those old self destructing habits.

So Monday weigh in at Weight Watchers, I will post my new weight Tuesday morning. 

I am going to just remind myself that I am doing everything right, and I am on my path to my first ten pound loss and my first charity. I am getting fit with my workouts too. Rome was not built in a day and I did not gain this weight overnight. I will reach deep inside myself and find the patience to go the distance without driving myself crazy with scale games.

Wishing you a beautiful Monday,