Daily Archives: August 1, 2013


I am in need of new sneakers that fit properly. My lovely Siamese cat Rascal  chewed the inside of the back of my  right sneaker, which caused the shoe to rub against the back of my ankle. I found myself walking in an awkward manner to compensate this problem, and I have caused a tiny strain on my foot. My ankle feels tight and a bit uncomfortable when I walk. This weekend I will be searching for the right pair of sneakers for my foot. I am hard to fit, I have a very high arch, with a narrow heal and it takes a lot of trial and error to find the right fit. 

Tonight is Richard Simmons, and my friend Francie from the video shoot is joining me as well as my friend Joanna from work. More photos to follow.  I am going to try to tone down my enthusiasm and go low impact to make sure this tightness does not become a strain. I have to admit I am upset that my foot feels a little off, we all want to be perfect all the time and when we are not well it is so frustrating. I took an ibuprofen to ease any swelling that may have occurred, something I never do. I am icing it before work as a precaution. 

I posted something on my facebook page I found on Pinterest that is completely fitting for this blog post. I love dancing the cha cha and I am an optimist as well so this is perfect for how I feel this morning. Wishing everyone sunshine and smiles on this beautiful Thursday.
Love and Light