Daily Archives: July 23, 2013


Monday was weigh in, and I lost a 1.5 pounds. It was less than I expected, but it was good that I did not gain that week being female and all. The Weight Watchers lady said I was lucky I did not gain. So I am now 196 pounds. Going down the healthy, slow way. I intend to lose the weight, get fit, and keep it off the healthy way. She suggested I eat a more substantial breakfast than fruit and a protein bar. My argument is at 7:00 am I am lucky I can eat that. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I cannot eat much this early. I am lucky I can eat something at all.

Work today, then a workout with trainer/friend Mike.  I am a little tired and I am dragging a bit but I will pick it up as the morning progresses. More photos to follow soon, it seems I need a new battery for my digital camera. 

So today, no words of wisdom or poetry, I am too tired and my eyes are not properly focused as of yet.  Just a quick update on my progress so far. I admit I was a bit disappointed, but I cannot let that get me down. I lost over a pound. Plus I have heard not all victories are on the scale. So onward and forward it is. Wishing everyone a beautiful Tuesday.

Love and Light