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Yesterday in my blog post I talked about our digits. Those sly little numbers that seem to be our identities. Our we robots or humans? We are identified by our social security numbers, pin numbers, credit scores, weight, age, and our measurements. Ah, the nuances of numbers. It is enough to make a mathematically challenged gals head spin. I am Rose, and I am not a number.

Ok, Enough griping about numbers. I am coming clean with mine, and it is not the easiest challenge. I have accepted the fact that my weight is a high number, but accepting it and admitting it to the world does not mean I have decided to stay in the position of being overweight. Quite the contrary, I have accepted that I am overweight and  choose to lose weight for good to be a healthier, happier version of who I am today.

So yesterday I made my trek to Weight Watchers. The leader Susie recognized me from before. Yes, I had been there before and did not follow through, remember I am a procrastinator and tend to not always follow through when it comes to losing weight. But that has changed as I embark on this journey to lose weight and sponsor a charity with each ten pound loss. To lose weight the correct way, no quick fix scheme. And yes, I am doing it for me too.

Susie is quite adorable, and inspirational. We had a long chat and if time allows I am going to try to make her meetings. She told me stories about the seventies and Weight Watchers. She is very helpful and I felt empowered by her positive energy. I like Weight Watchers because it works for me. I keep a food journal, and eat my healthy meals and track my 26 daily points. It is a reminder to not skip meals, and to pace your points though the day. It works when you stick with it, combined with fitness and working out. 

Here is the beginning weight of my journey, 210 pounds. I do cringe when I look at it, and people always say I do not look it but the scale does not lie. I am coming out today, my name is Rose and I weight 210 pounds, but not for long.

Off to work then work out with my friend Mike who is a trainer. He is kind enough to help me begin my journey.  I will have more information about him and what type of workout I am doing with him as I continue on. More photos to follow. I decided this journey is to be a fun adventure, and so far I am loving every minute of it. I am transitioning, and enjoying the process as well as the final results.

Namaste’ Happy Tuesday
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