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With Richard Simmons the icon

Gigi is a long time member and about 90.

Susan, me and Joanne. 

Dancer Kelli
With Ruth

Francie,our similarities  in our paths were uncanny 

Yesterday I was in a Richard Simmons Video shoot, and it really was a ton of fun. Years ago I used to do his Sweating to the Oldies tapes with my sister, and it was so much fun and he really got you moving and totally enthusiastic. This was much of the same. The minute I headed for the doors at Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills, Richard was arriving as well. He walked up to me, kissed both my cheeks and welcomed me. Oh, and when I told him I was a poet, he asked if I make money being a poet. He is almost like that one Sweet old Aunt everyone has that will ask you anything without censorship; but you overlook it because they are so sweet. Everyone has someone like that in their life or knows someone who does. Richard is all Richard Simmons, and he is everything and more of what you expect, most of all totally lovable and surprisingly tends to have a little bit of a potty mouth. I totally loved that about him. He was inspiring, motivating, and extremely high energy. We all wish we can have that type of energy and enthusiasm, especially at our advancing years. He definitely is a role model and I am completely in awe and definitely inspired as I make my way through this journey. 

We spent the day doing several takes of the dance sequence. It was hot, and humid, but totally fun. This was for his new music video Hair Do, which he wrote, sang, and produced. We danced for about four hours, and finally wrapped it up. It was definitely a fun workout, and the dance was very similar to what he does in his exercise videos. Nothing like dancing to get your heart pumping.

The crew was also phenomenal, and I met some really wonderful people. I made a few new friends, met some of the dancers and well as some of the ladies who have been coming to Richard Simmons Slimmons classes for years. People of all ages, and sizes. There is no type in a Richard Simmons video. The met a girl named Francie and we hit it off immediately. We had some much in common it was frightening. So afterwards we went to West Hollywood to get a bite to eat and I think we may have talked each others ears off for three hours. I love meeting new people and making new friends. It was a perfect experience to kick off my new health quest to get to my first ten pounds, so I can assist my first charity. How am I this morning? Completely inspired. I wish everyone a day filled with inspiration, love, light, and good health.


Today was fantastic, and I am so tired. I am uploading the photos from the Richard Simmons Video Shoot and I will post tomorrow all about it including the photos. It was a complete blast, I met some fantastic people and of course Mr Simmons himself, and I also met my twin. More on that later too.  I have my weight loss work cut out for me, but after today I am even more motivated. The energy today was unreal. I am completely inspired. 

Until then here are two of my full body before photos. Now sleep is calling me, I will tell all about my adventure raising the roof with Mr. Simmons tomorrow. Now I am just a little brain dead.